Here's A Gaming Twitter Thread You Might Like

This is good.


Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat had a wonderful day on Twitter over the weekend. When someone pressed the studio about its next game, the studio responded by saying you can be sure the new game will have good controls and level design, just as the celebrated Super Meat Boy did. "To release a follow-up without at least those two staples would be f***ing stupid," reads a tweet from the Team Meat account.

And that was just the beginning. The studio went on to list off examples of what it would be like to release a sequel without elements of what made Super Meat Boy great. There are some great ones in the thread, which you can see below.

Team Meat is working on a new Super Meat Boy game called Super Meat Boy Forever as well as secret things. More footage of the new game, Super Meat Boy Forever presumably, will be shown later this year, ahead of the start of PAX Prime in September.

What would you like to see from Super Meat Boy Forever and Team Meat's secret projects? Let us know in the comments below!

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