Here's What Helldivers' Free Update Tasks You With Doing

Check out some of the new objectives coming in the free Turning Up the Heat expansion.


With a free update set to be released for Helldivers sometime "very soon," developer Arrowhead Game Studios has released a video highlighting some of the new things players will be doing when they're not busy shooting enemies.

The video is the first of several we'll be seeing ahead of the release of the free Turning Up the Heat expansion. This one focuses on three new objective types being added, one of which appears to be much different from those already in the game.

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The artillery installation is first. You'll find a piece of artillery somewhere on the map that needs to be repaired and activated. Once that's been done, you'll need to gather three shells located nearby and deliver them to the gun, at which point you'll enter a series of d-pad inputs to fire the gun.

Second is the geological survey, which involves deploying a beacon that calls in a drill. This then becomes a standard defend objective; you'll protect the drill until it completes its work, at which point you'll collect the data it accumulates and move on.

Finally, we have the self-explanatory "search and disarm un-exploded ordnance" objective, which sounds much different from what's already in the game. This requires you to call in a mission-specific strategem, the ME-I Sniffer metal detector. With this equipped, you'll use the right stick to aim the metal detector while moving through an area, looking for bombs to disarm. This is done with the usual d-pad inputs, although whereas making a mistake with these inputs usually means starting over again, here it causes the bomb to explode, killing you.

We don't yet know everything included in Turning Up the Heat, but Arrowhead says the next video will be out "within a couple of days."

Helldivers was released in March for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. For more, check out our review.

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