Here's How to Try the Final Fantasy XV Demo

Buying Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be the only way to play the upcoming demo, Square Enix confirms.

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The only way to get the Final Fantasy XV demo is to buy upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Square Enix has revealed. Not only will you need to buy Type-0 HD, but you'll need to pick up one of the first-run copies, the Japanese publisher added in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

"We're never going to release it as a stand-alone piece down the line," Square Enix product marketing manager Scott Strichart explained. "Secondly, it's intended to be a special gift for those of you who purchase early--the demo will be limited to the 'Day One' edition of the game, meaning that only the first shipment is going to have the demo in it."

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"So if the demo is something you think you might like, we highly encourage you to pre-order or to be quick about getting to the store on launch day, March 17th, 2015," he added.

The Final Fantasy XV demo, which should offer 3-4 hours of gameplay, is set in the Duscae region, and you'll be able to find at least one dungeon to explore. There won't be any boss fights in the demo, though Square Enix teased previously that it has some surprises up its sleeves for fans.

Though Type-0 HD will be released in March, Square Enix hasn't yet said when the Final Fantasy XV demo will become available. Platform details have also not yet been announced, though the demo is rumored to be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In other news about Type-0 HD, Square Enix has revealed a collector's edition for the game. Available in "limited quantities," the premium bundle will cost $100. It includes a golden steel book case, soundtrack, a 200-page manga, and an 80-page art book. The foreword for the art book is written by Type-0 HD's director, Hajime Tabata. The collector's edition also packs in various Ace Cards.

Final Fantasy fans eager to learn more about Type-0 HD will want to circle January 23 on their calendars, as that's the day Tabata will hold a Reddit AMA session.

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