Here's how Microsoft is tackling potential Xbox One Twitch abuse

Microsoft forms dedicated internal team focused exclusively on maintaining the integrity of the Twitch experience.

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Shortly after the PlayStation 4's launch in November, some gamers decided to use the system's PlayRoom app to engage in some less-than-appropriate behavior and broadcast it to the world using Twitch. Now that Twitch streaming has a start-date for Xbox One--March 11--will history repeat itself on Microsoft's console?

Though it's impossible to escape the reality that bad apples exist, Xbox Wire editor Lisa Gurry says Microsoft has put the right pieces in place to weed out funny business.

"We are incredibly committed to making sure that the Twitch experience on Xbox One is focused on gameplay and really created for gamers to have a safe, secure, and fun environment in which to share their gameplay," Gurry told GameSpot today.

To that end, Microsoft's Xbox team has established a dedicated squad of moderators focused exclusively on maintaining the integrity of the Twitch experience. This is in addition to the in-house moderation team at Twitch.

"So we have a dedicated team of moderators both at Xbox and at Twitch that will be reviewing reports, will be ensuring that the stream contains content that is appropriate for our audience; and that we are really doing our very best work in conjunction with Twitch to protect the state of the stream," Gurry said.

Twitch's Rules of Conduct specifically state that its team of moderators can suspend any person's account at any time for any activity they deem inappropriate or harmful. Behaviors that could lead to suspension include drinking excessively or endangering yourself during a stream, performing sexual acts, breaking the law, or using hate speech. And let's not forget: Twitch was created with video games in mind. If your channel's primary focus is not gaming content, you run the risk of having your account suspended.

Game streaming through Twitch goes live on March 11, the same day that Titanfall comes to Xbox One. Twitch for Xbox One includes a number of features not included in the PS4 version. In addition to Kinect support for voice commands ("Xbox, Broadcast"), Twitch on Xbox One will allow you to watch streams from any destination, whether that be someone playing League of Legends on PC or The Last of Us on the PlayStation 3. The app also allows you to watch archived content from other Twitch channels.

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