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Here's how Battlefield 4's homage to Battlefield 2142's Titan mode will work

Your objective is to destroy the enemy team's carrier before they destroy yours; mode will be available as part of Naval Strike DLC later this month.

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If you enjoyed Battlefield 2142's epic Titan game mode, you were probably happy to learn last month that DICE was resurrecting it for Battlefield 4's upcoming Carrier Assault gametype. Now, DICE has provided more details about what the mode will offer in a new blog post on Battlelog.

"Carrier Assault is an homage to the Titan game mode of Battlefield 2142, but this time the all-out war rages in the South Chinese Sea, and your objective is to destroy the enemy team’s carrier before they infiltrate and destroy yours," DICE said.

How does a match of Carrier Assault work exactly? There are two ways to destroy the enemy carrier: you'll need to either fully control the map or assault the carrier using infantry. Rounds are divided into two stages, which begins with map control and ends with a full-scale carrier attack.

"Both teams start on their own carrier and race to control the missile launchers placed on the map, by capturing the control points near them," DICE said. "This will automatically launch missiles towards the enemy carrier throughout the round, eventually destroying its hull and making it open for infantry attacks."

After this happens (for one or both teams), the carrier assault portion of the mode begins. You can either drive a boat out to the carrier and enter it that way, or land on it from above using a parachute. Once you get inside, you'll need to destroy two M-COM stations. If you're successful doing that, or if your get the carrier's hull health down to 0 percent, you'll win.

Carrier Assault mode for Battlefield 4 will be available through the game's Naval Strike expansion, which launches later this month first for Battlefield Premium members. In addition to the Carrier Assault mode, Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC includes four new multiplayer maps, five new weapons, two gadgets, and a new hovercraft vehicle that can traverse both land and water.

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