Here's another great example of Xbox One trolling

User creates a gamertag called "Xbox Skypee," then gets people to say his name so their sessions are interrupted.


YouTuber "Master of Luck" is back with another video that demonstrates the trolling potential for the Xbox One. In his latest video (via Kotaku), he creates a gamertag called "Xbox Skypee" and then pesters other players in Call of Duty: Ghosts until they say his name. [There's some profanity in the video]

When a player says "Xbox Skypee," Kinect thinks they want to launch Skype, but really it just interrupts their session, causing frustration. "Master of Luck" published a video back in January showing off a similar trolling move, only he created a gamertag called "Xbox Sign Out," which proved even more troublesome.

Of course, you can always unplug your Kinect or play with friends online in a private party chat to avoid the inconvenience--unless your friend is the troll. Then you're out of luck.

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