Here Are the Top 100 Countries, Ranked in Terms of Game Revenue

China tops the United States for the first time.


A new report ranking the top 100 countries in the world based on video game revenue has been released, and it's China, not the United States, that's come out on top.

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The new list comes from research group Newzoo and accounts for revenue estimates in 2015, but doesn't include things like hardware sales or online gambling. China was number one, but only by a very small margin--it accounted for $22.23 billion, compared with $21.96 billion for the US.

A chart breaking down all of this information also lists the respective countries' population and "Internet population," both of which are significantly larger in China. Taken on a per-person basis, the US generates far more revenue. Regardless, China is now the world's largest games market, something that Newzoo said could turn out to be the case earlier this year. It's no surprise why Microsoft and Sony have hoped to expand into the region.

Japan follows both countries, but it's a pretty large dropoff, with its total revenue being $12.33 billion. It's another steep drop to the number four spot, with South Korea responsible for just over $4 billion in revenue. Germany, the UK, France, and Canada all make the top ten, which you can see below.

According to Newzoo's data, the worldwide games market accounts for $91.5 billion in revenue. $83 billion of that--roughly 91 percent--comes from the top 20 countries alone.

Here's how the top ten looks:

Top 10 Countries by Game Revenue (in USD):

  1. China -- $22,227,194,000
  2. United States of America -- $21,962,491,000
  3. Japan -- $12,328,860,000
  4. South Korea -- $4,022,366,000
  5. Germany -- $3,654,669,000
  6. United Kingdom -- $3,533,493,000
  7. France -- $2,460,172,000
  8. Canada -- $1,811,271,000
  9. Spain -- $1,564,223,000
  10. Italy -- $1,505,800,000

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