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Here Are The Biggest Twitch And YouTube Livestreams Ever

This graph shows just how huge Grefg's record-breaking Fortnite stream really was.


Some may have been confused by the news of TheGrefg's record-breaking Twitch stream and corresponding Fortnite Icons skin, when many had never even heard of the Spanish-speaking streamer. A new analysis of the top livestreams across Twitch and YouTube has shown that Grefg's success is far from unprecedented, and that the Spanish-speaking streaming community is a lot larger than you might expect.

The chart, put together by analytics company Stream Hatchet, has some surprising revelations. Firstly, it shows just how much bigger Grefg's record-breaking stream was than those in second and third place. Second, it shows that YouTube is much more important as a live-streaming platform than you might imagine, and last but not least, it proves the domination of the Spanish-speaking and LATAM in streaming to a level that may surprise English-speaking gamers.

Of the top 15 streamers displayed, only six are English-speaking--including Americans Technoblade, Dream, Ninja, xTears88, and Dr Disrespect, as well as Australian YouTuber LazarBeam. Grefg is also the only streamer to appear multiple times in the top 15, with 4 of his Twitch streams making the list.

Also of note is YouTube's dominance, especially in the top 10 streams. Ninja and Grefg make up the only Twitch streamers represented in the top 10, while the next five entries also include Twitch streams from Ibai and xTears88.

Rod "Slasher" Breslau, who tweeted the data, also notes that the list doesn't include Chinese streaming sites Douyu and Huya, where streamers regularly see concurrent audiences of over a million.

As Breslau also mentions, concurrent views aren't the best or most precise metric for determining streamers success--but they are fun to look at.

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