Here Are Skyrim's Classic Zelda Amiibo Items On Nintendo Switch

Supported Amiibo unlock classic Zelda items like the Master Sword and Champion's Tunic.


Bethesda's RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launches this week on Nintendo Switch. One of its cool features is that classic Zelda items such as the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, and Link's Champion's Tunic are all in the game, if you have the right Amiibo.

You can tap Zelda Amiibo figures once per day for a chance to get those items. We got our hands on all of them, and you can see them in action in the video above.

The list of compatible Zelda Amiibo figures covers all the major ones, including Smash Bros. series Link, Breath of the Wild Link, Ocarina of Time Link, and many more. Sheik, Revali, and Ganondorf are also among the compatible figures. You can see a full rundown of support Amiibo figures here on Nintendo's website.

Skyrim for Switch also supports non-Zelda Amiibo figures. You won't get the Zelda gear, but tapping them on your console gets you a loot chest, so that's something, and it's even better if you're an Amiibo collector. Skyrim for Switch comes with the base game and its three expansions: Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Hearthfire. It can be played with motion controls, allowing you to swing weapons, pick locks, or aim your bow with the Joy-Cons.

Skyrim was first released in 2011 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, before coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October 2016 through the Special Edition. A version of the game for the PS4's PlayStation VR also launches on November 17.

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