Here Are All The Destiny 2 Weapons Leaving Loot Pools Next Season

Bungie listed which loot pool weapons will rotate out in Season 17 in this week's news post.


The latest This Week At Bungie post centered around weapon changes coming next season in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Every season Bungie rotates weapons out of certain activities and introduces new seasonal weapons. Bungie hasn't yet said anything about new weapons for the upcoming season, but it listed every weapon that will no longer be obtainable from Iron Banner, Nightfalls, and Trials of Osiris once Season 17 begins.

From Iron Banner, the Occluded Finality sniper rifle and Finite Impactor hand cannon will get rotated out. Other PvP weapons leaving are Shayura's Wrath SMG and The Messenger pulse rifle from Trials. In Nightfalls, The Comedian shotgun and the Palindrome hand cannon will exit the loot pool.

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If players want a chance at either of the Iron Banner weapons, the final Iron Banner of Season of the Risen starts on May 10. Be sure to use Iron Banner tokens at Saladin during Iron Banner week to increase the chances of getting desired weapons. Not only that, Iron Banner tokens are leaving Destiny 2 entirely in Season 17. Also, the next Trials of Osiris will begin this weekend, April 22, followed by two more on May 6 and May 20.

The TWAB also listed possible weapons leaving loot pools when Season 18 begins, but the season is a long way out and Bungie said that Season 18 loot pool rotation may change by then. Season 17 is set to launch on May 24. Here's a list of all weapons leaving loot pools in Season 17 and Season 18:

In Season 17:

  • Iron Banner
    • Occluded Finality sniper rifle
    • Finite Impactor hand cannon
  • Nightfalls
    • The Comedian shotgun
    • Palindrome hand cannon
  • Trials of Osiris
    • Shayura’s Wrath SMG
    • The Messenger pulse rifle

In Season 18:

  • Iron Banner
    • Peacebond sidearm
    • Archon's Thunder machine gun
  • Nightfalls
    • PLUG ONE.1 fusion rifle
    • The Hothead rocket launcher
  • Trials of Osiris
    • Eye of Sol sniper rifle
    • The Summoner auto rifle

Bungie tossed a bunch of information on weapon changes coming in Season 17 that we've broken down for you. The TWAB also covers Exotic and Legendary glaive getting tuned, Exotic weapon buffs, tuning weapons for airborne gunplay, updates to auto rifles, SMGs, and machine guns, and the next Gambit Labs.

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