Her Story 2 in the Works, Creator Confirms it's a Spiritual Successor

Follow-up won't be related to the first game, story wise.


Her Story

Sam Barlow is working on a sequel to Her Story, which he has indicated is a spiritual successor instead of a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed first game.

The follow-up was announced on Twitter, where Barlow posted a one-pager, which is a basic design document. Responding to questions, He said the game has "no relation story wise to Her Story" and the "Her Story 2" text seen at the top of the page is a working title.

Barlow added that, like the first game, the sequel will include live-action acting, as it'd be "rude not to."

Her Story gives players a rudimentary search engine on an old police computer and tasks them with using it to find and watch interviews pertaining to a crime.

By using the information provided in each clip, the player is able to dig deeper into the evidence database, find and watch more videos, and eventually discover the true nature of the crime.

Her Story received widespread critical acclaim and was in GameSpot's top 20 games of 2015. It also appeared on numerous personal staff picks.

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