Henry Cavill Instagram Post Leads To Mass Effect Speculation

The actor who successfully lobbied for the lead role on The Witcher TV series appears to be teasing a Mass Effect... something.


Superman and The Witcher TV series actor Henry Cavill made a cryptic post on Instagram that's leading some fans to speculate he's working on a Mass Effect project.

The post reads, "Secret project? Or just a handful of paper with random words on it.... Guess you'll have to wait and see. Happy hump day all." It's accompanied by a piece of paper with the writing blurred to obscure its contents. But when the text is sharpened, it appears to show some key phrases like "Cerberus," "Tali'Zorah," and "Geth," via GamePressure.

GameSpot de-blurred and noted some of the same words, though it's always possible that being primed to see certain key words influenced that perception. The paper could be a description of the Rannoch mission, pulled from the Mass Effect 3 Wiki, as it includes those key phrases in that order. It's unknown why Cavill would be studying a particular game mission for a role, however.

BioWare currently has two Mass Effect projects in development that we know of: the remastered Mass Effect: Legendary Edition trilogy and the next Mass Effect game. There is no Mass Effect show or movie currently in the works, that we know of.

But Cavill is a fan of video games himself, having lobbied for his role in The Witcher on Netflix due to his enjoyment of the series. He's also made a point of sharing himself building his own gaming PCs. It's possible he's looking to get involved in an upcoming project and researching the role. Or, he could just be trolling the fans. Time will tell.

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