Henry Cavill Got So Ripped For The Witcher That He Broke His Costumes

The Superman actor's Witcher clothing could not contain his muscles.


Superman actor Henry Cavill spent a lot of the time at the gym to prepare for his starring role as Geralt in Netflix's new Witcher TV show. It's now been reported that Cavill got so jacked that it caused a problem with the show's costume department. In short, he kept Hulk-ing through his outfits.

Polygon spoke with the show's costume designer, Tim Aslam, and the site reported: "Not only was the actor particular about his outfit, but that during shooting, his muscles wore down the leather at such an alarming rate that replacements were constantly produced to meet the production's needs."

In the lead-up to The Witcher's release, Cavill said he was so committed to getting buff to play the monster-slayer that he trekked up the hill and through the snow to get to the gym. It was leg day, and Cavill wasn't willing to skip it.

The Witcher premiered on Netflix earlier this month. The show generally fell flat with critics--here at GameSpot we scored Season 1 a 4/10--but the audience response was far more positive.

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