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Help The Fight For Reproductive Rights By Donating To Charity

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Without federal protection for abortion access, many experts are expecting significant impacts on vulnerable communities. Here are some ways you can help.

As of June 24, the news is now official, with the Supreme Court announcing that it has overturned Roe v. Wade. This paves the way for abortion to be outlawed in numerous states around the United States, potentially even right away in some places. Below, we've outlined the implications of this decision and outlined some ways you can help.

On Monday, May 2, Politico reported that leaked documents showed the United States Supreme Court was on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that established access to abortions as a constitutional right for all US citizens. The leaked document, which is currently a draft, has been confirmed as real but the Supreme Court has indicated the text is not yet final. If the decision is overturned, however, it will mean access to abortions will no longer be Federally protected, leaving it up to individual States to decide the legality of abortion. According to The Center for Reproductive Rights (via ABC News), this means up to 25 states could outlaw abortion. Of the remaining 25, 22 have protections for abortion established in their state constitutions while three make no mention of them at all.

Since 1974, the decision made in Roe v. Wade has paved the way for greater freedom for women and LGBTQ+ communities, granting these citizens a larger degree of privacy and control over their bodies. Without federal protection for abortion access, many experts are expecting significant impacts on vulnerable communities.

Black and Latinx communities, for example, will face disproportionately greater hardships and mortality rates, women will be more likely to be unemployed, face financial hardship, and be victims of domestic violence, hospitals in states continuing to allow abortion will see an influx of patients, and unsafe abortion practices will grow more common.

In addition, Roe v. Wade being struck down could lead to state governments asserting more control over their constituents' bodies, placing the LGBTQ+ community at great risk. Just within the last year, state legislatures in Florida, Louisiana, and Missouri have attempted to pass bills negatively impacting these communities.

As such, we wanted to highlight a number of charities that aim to preserve reproductive rights and bodily autonomy. All of these organizations are currently accepting donations, which will then be used to provide aid to those desperately in need. Furthermore, we also wanted to provide our readers with some resources that help explain Roe v. Wade and why your support matters.

National Network of Abortion Funds

If you're not sure where to start, The National Network of Abortion Funds has organized a fundraiser that splits your donation between more than 80 different abortion clinics. You can even opt to make your donation monthly, ensuring each charity benefits from your generosity.

Donate Here

Access Reproductive Care Southeast

Access Reproductive Care Southeast provides funding and support to people seeking abortions in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee--all states that could lose the right to abortions. In addition, this organization also helps create programs within these states rto help provide reproductive education.

Donate here

Midwest Access Coalition

The Midwest Access Coalition helps people traveling throughout the Midwest access a safe and legal abortion by providing them with travel coordination and costs, lodging, food, medicine, and emotional support. According to MAC's website, the organization has seen a significant increase in callers as of late, meaning your help is absolutely essential.

Donate here

Indigenous Women Rising

Indigenous Women Rising is an organization committed to ensuring Native and Indigenous peoples are given safe health options, comprehensive reproductive education, and support. Considering a disproportionate number of Native Americans experience sexual violence, the work IWR does is vital to helping these communities.

Donate here

Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project

This organization assists women who are financially unable to pay for safe abortions or emergency contraceptives, providing them with funds and access to reputable clinics. Considering these tend to be the most vulnerable women in the US, WRRAP's work is critical.

Donate here

Keep Our Clinics

Keep Our Clinics focuses on providing funding to independent clinics to help keep them up and running. This includes everything from building repairs to hazard pay for staff working during the pandemic.

Donate here

The Brigid Alliance

Despite many people finding out about their pregancy past the first trimester, finding access to a safe abortion can be difficult. The Brigid Alliance aims to support people through that process, providing them with childcare, lodging, meals, transportation, and additional help.

Donate here

For a list of fundraisers by state and additional support, Abortion Funds in Every State is a great resource.

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