Helm's Deep expansion coming to Lord of the Rings Online

Fifth expansion for Turbine's MMO raises level cap to 95, introduces new regions and characters in Rohan this fall.


The Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online will add the Helm's Deep expansion this fall, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today. No price for the add-on was divulged.

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The digital expansion will raise the massively multiplayer online role-playing game's level cap to 95 and introduce new regions (Edoras, Dunharrow, Hornburg) and characters (Éowyn, Éomer, and King Théoden).

As its name suggests, the Helm's Deep expansion will allow players to take part in the Battle of the Hornburg, described as the "most massive conflict yet" in the game. In addition, new skills and "completely updated class specializations" will be available in the expansion.

Helm's Deep is the fifth expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. It follows Mines of Moria (2008), Siege of Mirkwood (2009), Rise of Isengard (2011), and Riders of Rohan (2012).

The game adopted a free-to-play business model in 2010, which resulted in monthly revenue jumping three times over.

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