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Hellsing Manga Deluxe Edition Is More Than 50% Off Ahead Of Prime Day

These deluxe editions of the iconic Hellsing manga series make for some bloody good reading material.


When you think of Dracula, you're usually thinking of a dapper bloodsucker who has an aversion to sunlight and often finds himself eating the worst kind of stake by the time his tale ends. You're probably not thinking about anime Dracula, a nigh-unstoppable force of demonic nature who wields two oversized hand cannons as he battles monsters and Nazis while literally painting London red with blood.

If that more absurd take on the character sounds like he'd make for some fascinating reading, then you'll want to grab this collection of handsome Hellsing hardcovers, new prints of Kohta Hirano's iconic manga series that have been given a deluxe treatment. Each Deluxe edition compiles multiple volumes of Hellsing. Volume 1 contains Chapters 1-27 (Vol. 1-4), Volume 2 is Chapters 28-62 (Vol. 5-8), and Volume 3 is Chapters 63-88 (Vol. 8-10).

Volume 1 of Hellsing Deluxe is on sale for more than 50% off as an early Amazon Prime Day Round 2 deal. Make sure to click the coupon box below the price to get the full discount.

These are massive, well-designed books that clock in at roughly 700 pages each. They have embossed red covers, sewn binders, and high-quality pages. The set has a very similar aesthetic and feel as the Berserk Deluxe edition series, which you can also save on now at Amazon.

Hellsing Deluxe Edition manga
Hellsing Deluxe Edition manga

Also like Berserk, this manga series is definitely for adults only. Hellsing regularly unloads intense moments of violent action throughout its run. We're talking oceans of blood and all sorts of grisly deaths, so if you don't like the sight of blood or gore, we'd strongly recommend staying away from Hellsing.

All that said, the series makes for excellent gothic horror reading, as it focuses on the shadowy Hellsing Organization that protects the world from all manner of supernatural threats. The organization is essentially a well-equipped army, but its secret weapon is the vampire lord Alucard, a force of nature that revels in destruction.

If you'd prefer to watch the events of Hellsing unfold, you can also pick up Hellsing Ultimate: The Complete Collection on Blu-ray for only $29 at Amazon. Hellsing Ultimate is a slick and gruesome production from an all-star team of animators that faithfully adapts the manga source material over the course of 10 episodes.

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