Hellgate: London coming this summer

Namco Bandai, EA date Flagship's flagship title; release of PC FPS narrowed down to "summer 2007."


Hell is coming...at least virtually. Hellgate: London, a PC first-person shooter, has been dated for worldwide release this summer. Namco Bandai Games and Electronic Arts will be copublishing the game, which is the first title for Flagship Studios. Flagship was formed in late 2003 by former Blizzard Entertainment developers.

The game was expected to be released in early 2007, but Flagship is apparently going to use the extra time to ensure the game's quality.

"We are all committed to making Hellgate: London absolutely the best game possible," said Flagship CEO Bill Roper.

In the game, players create characters and battle the forces of evil in numerous branching quests. Role-playing elements add depth and customization to the shooter, which offers dynamically generated levels for new experiences each time through.

Hellgate: London has not yet been rated or priced. For more on the game, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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