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Helldivers 2 Story Mode? "Sorry Bro," CEO Says

A single-player story mode is "not happening," Arrowhead says.


Helldivers II is a smashing success on PC and PlayStation 5, but could it expand with a single-player story mode? No, it won't. That's according to Arrowhead Studios CEO Shams Jorjani. Someone asked him on social media if Helldivers II could introduce a story mode, and the executive plainly stated, "Not happening. Sorry bro."

Why not? According to Jorjani, it would be like "building an entirely new game," and that's not in the cards. So for now at least, Helldivers II will remain a multiplayer game exclusively.

Jorjani went on to discuss Helldivers II's latest patch, which was a big one. He said putting it together was a "big team effort," going on to promise that Arrowhead is not packing up and moving on. "We'll keep at it bit by bit to make the game better, bigger, and more freedomier. Yes it's a word," he said.

Regarding the cadence of future patches, Jorjani said patches will slow down in the immediate future because Arrowhead is giving its staffers a summer break. But after that, Jorjani said the team will return to the standard cadence for patches, and then "go faster" later on.

Helldivers II is the No. 1 best-selling game of 2024 so far, and it'll be interesting to see how long the game can hold that spot as 2024's other big games come out, including Black Ops 6 in October.

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