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Helldivers 2 Players Have Successfully Unlocked Mechs After A Brutal Campaign



Players in Helldivers 2 fought hard this week for the noble purpose of unlocking the new Exo-45 Patriot mech, and with the planet of Tien Kwan successfully liberated, the warsuits are now available to all troopers. Developer Arrowhead teased the new mech suit earlier this week, building on the game's lore and tasking players with stopping an automaton invasion of the planet where this military hardware was being manufactured.

The mission was simple--and lucrative with a 45 Warbond medal reward--as players had to successfully repel the Automaton cyborgs from Tien Kwan within three days if they wanted their shiny new toy. Players can unlock the Exo-45 Patriot from their flagship, but you'll need to be level 25 to make it available for purchase.

Time to spend some Requisition.
Time to spend some Requisition.

Once you do have it, you'll have a warsuit armed with a heavy machine gun and a rocket launcher to help you spread democracy through the system. A few of these mechs were reported to be scattered around Tien Kwan, and players who stumbled on them discovered they could soak up an impressive amount of damage while annihilating anything in their way.

Helldivers 2 players can also look forward to some high-tech equipment this month when the Cutting Edge battle pass arrives on March 14. A laser rifle, a plasma-spewing shotgun, and an electrifying crowd-control weapon will be available to purchase alongside new armor sets and cosmetics.

The game has also gotten more dangerous, and you'll want to check the weather forecast to see if the planet you're on is expecting a shower of explosive meteors or fiery tornados during your operation.

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