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Helldivers 2 Devs Are Open To Crossovers, But Only If They Make Sense

Calling in IP reinforcements.


Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead has spoken about the possibility of crossovers in its live-service game, but only if it makes sense within its galaxy of managed democracy. With Fortnite setting the bar with its metaverse of crossovers, Call of Duty introducing Cheech and Chong to Warzone, and PowerWash Simulator cleaning up Midgar with a Final Fantasy 7 collaboration, Arrowhead says it has looked at similar ideas.

We have a few ideas.
We have a few ideas.

"We look at them with interest but also with a very large respect for the game fantasy and lore," community manager Twinbeard said in the Helldivers 2 Discord (via GamesRadar). "Melee weapons could be plausible in Helldivers. Lightsabers from Star Wars would not. A Helldiver finding a remnant, artifact or a letter from someone from another game or cultural universe is plausible. Mickey Mouse writing a Helldiver would not. And so on. Crossovers have to make sense. We don't want to be Kingdom Hearts or Fortnite. If we do them, we want them to add something--feelgood, fun, a memory, but we like for it to make sense and fit in."

Helldivers 2 has a very distinct identity--think Starship Troopers meets Warhammer 40K--and as Twinbeard mentioned above, bringing in characters from Disney or other wildly different games wouldn't make sense. Although it would be hilarious to see Mickey Mouse call in an orbital bombardment on an Automaton barracks. Last month, Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games suggested that a crossover between their games could work, as they both have co-op shooter elements.

In other news from the Helldivers 2 frontlines, you can now add a few more upgrades to your flagships and players successfully booted the Automaton faction from the game a few weeks ago. That peace was very short-lived, as the citizens of Cyberstan came back with a vengeance, unleashing factory walker units on several planets as they pushed deeper into Super-Earth territory. Fortunately, Helldivers got some fresh upgrades with the new Democratic Demolition warbond: a new premium season pass full of explosive weapons to unlock.

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