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Helldivers 2 Community Event Could See Big, Permanent Changes To Galaxy

Terminid-ator 2: Judgment Day.


The latest Helldivers 2 community event has arrived, and this time, players can expect to take part in a campaign to permanently remove the Terminid menace from a cluster of planets near Super-Earth. These Major Order community events are also a good opportunity to earn a stack of medals for the Warbond battle pass, with this particular event offering 50 medals for participating in it. Combined with personal orders, you can quickly rack up a supply of in-game currency to spend on unlocking some of the new weapons arriving this month.

"Terminid-dispensing towers have been built all over every Barrier Planet," the synopsis for this Major Order reads. "They need only be activated to quarantine the bugs for good. Upon each Barrier Planet now stands a network of massive, Termicide-dispensing towers: the Terminid Control System. Once activated, the TCS will exterminate every Terminid on that planet and inoculate it against further infestations."

While Super-Earth has sent engineers to carry out this mission, the Terminid swarms have proven to be a problem and Helldivers will need to evacuate the area and activate the towers. If this campaign is successfully completed over the planets of Erata Prime, Fenrir 3, Meridia, and Turing, these will presumably be safe havens and will allow Helldivers to focus on bringing managed democracy to the outer rim of the galaxy.

This new campaign ties into the Warhammer 40K and Starship Troopers influences of Helldivers 2, as players recently took part in a mission to unlock their new Exo-45 mechs by reclaiming a planet from the Automaton armies. A new patch has also gone live and makes the spawn rate of some of the toughest Terminid enemies more manageable. If you're brave enough to stare down a rampaging Charger and aim a rocket at its head, you'll also find these durable bugs will go down instantly if you're successful.

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