Hellboy Star Ron Perlman Challenges Senator Ted Cruz To A Wrestling Match For Charity

The Hellboy actor has challenged Ted Cruz to a face-off in the ring and will make a $50,000 Black Lives Matter donation if Cruz accepts.


It's probably safe to say that the latest celebrity Twitter feud probably isn't a square you expected to check off on your 2020 bingo card. Ron Perlman of Hellboy fame has challenged senator Ted Cruz to a wrestling match, and he'll make a donation of $50,000 to Black Lives Matter if Cruz says yes.

Perlman and Cruz have been arguing on Twitter for a few days now. The Hellboy actor had taken a crack at Republican congressman Jim Jordan a few days ago, prompting Cruz to offer $10,000 to a "non-political charity" of Perlman's choice if he would take Jordan on in the ring.

One thing led to another, resulting in the latest tweet from Perlman where he offered up a donation so long as Cruz would agree to wrestle him. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the two are still going at it, with Perlman doubling down on his offer to donate to Black Lives Matter so long as Cruz accepts his challenge.

At this stage, the Republican senator shows no signs of accepting the offer to what would surely be a sellout punch-up, and Jordan himself has yet to weigh in either. However, politicians getting into fights isn't uncharted territory, considering that Mitt Romney took on Evander Holyfield a few years ago, so who knows what will happen? Maybe if Cruz doesn't accept, Perlman can still take on Mitch McConnell for a laugh.

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