Hecubah Strikes Back

Nox Quest, the free co operative multiplayer expansion for Westwood's RPG, is now available.


Westwood Studios has announced that its free multiplayer expansion to Nox, called Nox Quest, is now available for download. Nox Quest lets up to six players adventure cooperatively on the new Nox Quest maps, which feature summoning obelisks that steadily spawn new monsters until they're destroyed. The new maps are much larger than the competitive multiplayer environments featured in Nox, and they're randomly interconnected, so a party can adventure continuously to rack up the highest possible score. Like Nox's competitive multiplayer mode, Nox Quest's cooperative adventure mode is playable on Westwood Online, Westwood's free gaming service. Westwood has also released the version 1.2 update for Nox to prime the Nox game application for Nox Quest and fix miscellaneous bugs.

You can download both the new patch and Nox Quest from GameSpot here, or from Westwood at Westwood.com.

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