Heavy Rain demo pours onto PSN

PlayStation Store Update: Sampler for Quantic Dreams' adventure leads light release week; Patapon 2, COD: World at War maps, Trine given price cuts.

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Sony's PlayStation Network isn't receiving much by way of new games this week. What it will see, though, is a "heavily" anticipated demo. With the full game due out exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on February 23, a free trial of Quantic Dreams' action adventure Heavy Rain is now available for download through the PlayStation Network.

The Heavy Rain demo features two chapters from the full game. The first follows FBI profiler Norman Jayden, who has been brought in to help local investigators capture the mysterious Origami Killer. Gamers will also fill the gumshoes of Scott Shelby, a private investigator hired by the families of the Origami Killer's victims.

How can you all be so calm when it's about to RAIN?!
How can you all be so calm when it's about to RAIN?!

Elsewhere on the PlayStation Network, gamers will find a number of deals on previously released games and content. Sony has issued a permanent $5 price cut for Patapon 2, bringing the PSP rhythm game down to $14.99. Temporary price cuts are in effect for the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack ($19.99, down from $24.99) and Trine ($9.99, down from $19.99).

A trio of PSone Classics has been added to the Network as well, all sharing the standard $5.99 price point. Released late in the original PlayStation's life cycle, 2003 driver Dirt Jockey lets gamers tool around with such heavy machinery as a dump truck, bulldozer, and crane. Bullfrog's critically panned PS port Populous: The Beginning is also available, as is Sim Theme Park. PSone Classics can be played on both the PS3 and PSP.

On the PSP storefront, gamers can pick up demos for echoshift and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, which arrives in stores next week. Handheld gamers can also pick up the Crazy Taxi and Full Auto 2 "Driving Me Crazy" Bundle, which packages both games together for $19.99. A Sonic Rivals "Set My Pulse Racing" Bundle, which includes the first and second installment in the series, is also available for $29.99.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, and add-on content, is available on the official PlayStation Blog.

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