Heavy Rain demo pours onto PSN

PlayStation Store Update: Sampler for Quantic Dreams' adventure leads light release week; Patapon 2, COD: World at War maps, Trine given price cuts.

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Sony's PlayStation Network isn't receiving much by way of new games this week. What it will see, though, is a "heavily" anticipated demo. With the full game due out exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on February 23, a free trial of Quantic Dreams' action adventure Heavy Rain is now available for download through the PlayStation Network.

The Heavy Rain demo features two chapters from the full game. The first follows FBI profiler Norman Jayden, who has been brought in to help local investigators capture the mysterious Origami Killer. Gamers will also fill the gumshoes of Scott Shelby, a private investigator hired by the families of the Origami Killer's victims.

How can you all be so calm when it's about to RAIN?!
How can you all be so calm when it's about to RAIN?!

Elsewhere on the PlayStation Network, gamers will find a number of deals on previously released games and content. Sony has issued a permanent $5 price cut for Patapon 2, bringing the PSP rhythm game down to $14.99. Temporary price cuts are in effect for the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack ($19.99, down from $24.99) and Trine ($9.99, down from $19.99).

A trio of PSone Classics has been added to the Network as well, all sharing the standard $5.99 price point. Released late in the original PlayStation's life cycle, 2003 driver Dirt Jockey lets gamers tool around with such heavy machinery as a dump truck, bulldozer, and crane. Bullfrog's critically panned PS port Populous: The Beginning is also available, as is Sim Theme Park. PSone Classics can be played on both the PS3 and PSP.

On the PSP storefront, gamers can pick up demos for echoshift and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, which arrives in stores next week. Handheld gamers can also pick up the Crazy Taxi and Full Auto 2 "Driving Me Crazy" Bundle, which packages both games together for $19.99. A Sonic Rivals "Set My Pulse Racing" Bundle, which includes the first and second installment in the series, is also available for $29.99.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, and add-on content, is available on the official PlayStation Blog.

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Avatar image for daabulls23

The Heavy Rain demo was good. Sure, walking was a little clunky and a little slow, but the story should be amazing.

Avatar image for Zerosumgame

It is hard money that I earned by myself, not from my parents, so I am not going to waste it on this game, at least for the time of release.

Avatar image for DKHardee

Other than having to hold R1 to walk (which is gay the game was awesome. can't wait to get it.

Avatar image for BJJspawn

I never thought I was going to buy this but that demo blew me away. The more I look into this game the more I want it!! Can't wait!

Avatar image for TheBlackSpeed

The demo was beautiful. I am all for games that have more story than anything else to the table (and this has graphics) and grip emotion from me. The "Sleazy Hotel" chapter made me FEEL for her dead son. The actions I made caused her to cry, she yelled for me to leave, but instead of leaving I went over and grabbed a tissue so she could wipe her eyes. She then proceeded to talk to me again. I mean, what the hell is that? What game allows for such immersion and such interaction. It's a beautiful game that should not be missed by any means. I truly hope PS3 gamers will have the attention span and open-mind to truly let this wonderful game shine like it deserves. And mind you, we all say this JUST by the demo. That HAS to speak for the final product.

Avatar image for blehbeast1234

I personally thought the demo was amazing. It seems there's a general consensus here is that the "Sleazy Hotel" segment was the best. The music fit the mood perfectly. I hope that the game is a bit longer than 10 hours like everyone is saying. At least 20 hours, that'd be amazing. Of course I have a couple of gripes with the demo, but hopefully those will be fixed for the final version of the game. For example, the walking system could be tweaked a bit. Getting caught behind a desk and forgetting to hold R2 when your character looks around can frustrate you after doing it five times in a row. Maybe a quicker walking speed or a running/jog/faster pace button? Overall, in my opinion, great demo and it has the potential to be an even greater final game.

Avatar image for wolfpackfrenzy

The first part of the demo was good (cop and prostitute). But the detective was just stupid. What kind of glasses was he wearing? He can read dna and analyze pollen with them... wait what? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is set in present day, not some distant future right? The voice acting was hideous. And if it the game only lasts 6-8hrs and doesn't change much depending on your choices (as described by reviewers), then I won't buy this game full price. I can wait till its in the bargain bin.

Avatar image for RhythmMan

@weskeni20 are those endings truely different, or just combinations of diffrent characters being alive/dead by the end of the game. because people who have reviewed it all said the same thing "no matter your decisions you will end up with the story moving to the same place". there are many ways to get there, and the circumstances might be altered based on your actions, but not truely effecting the ending 30 different ways. big difference! let me know what you've heard, i'd like to know. thanks!

Avatar image for rockutd

I guess i'll go dl the demoe rite now and see what the hype is all about...

Avatar image for weskeni20

i think the games replay value is HUGE!!! cuz there are 30 diferent endings and plz dont tell me about the gameplay cuz it goes deaper than that it has a profound story with emotions where you feel the emotions of the characther...... Shadow of Colossus was missing a lot of elements but it turned out to be a memorable game i have played the demo soo many times i never get tired xD

Avatar image for godzillavskong

@Jonny500, you actually remember Sewer Shark? You must be as old as me! I still have that game in my Sega Cd collection. I've tried playing it recently, but it's so horrible!

Avatar image for Jag-T1000

The game may be pretty, but after you run through it in 5 hours is it still worth $60 dollars. I'm going to rent it first.

Avatar image for mateodc8

downloading it right now just because of the positive feedback but seems to be taking a long time. I started downloading it about 20 mins ago and its at 2% done wtf.

Avatar image for RhythmMan

This game looks amazing, and the demo had such a great vibe...dark and mysterious. The thing I'm having trouble with is the gameplay, pressing R2 to walk is annoying, rather use the D-pad for direction based interactions. Anyway, not a huge problem....I have bigger concerns... Obviously this will be a great playthrough your first time. But after you know the story and secrets I don't see anyone playing it over and over. Unfortunately, I expect to see a lot of these on the "used game" shelf at your local gamestop. Many people will buy it not knowing what to expect and wil be disappointed there's not more mindless action, and others will appreciate the deep content. Exciting that someone is trying such a new/different style game. Even if it doen't reach the top sales charts. We will see...

Avatar image for dylan417

When I read WaW map pack, I thought it meant new ones, not price cuts.... :(

Avatar image for fede_pyro

i played farenheit, and loved it, played the demo, and i think i will love it too, it's too good, if you liked farenheit, you can not miss this one

Avatar image for julgamespot1

Honestly I feel gamers that have the attention span of gold fish should avoid this game like the plague. But no doubt there'll be plenty that attempt to play it and cry "booooorrring" as if they weren't aware what type of game this was lol. The fact is this is a story/character driven game. Not an action driven one. Personally I loved investigating the crime scene and loved the atmosphere attached to it. And I think calling it a point and click game is a gross misrepresentation of the game. I'd say it has more in common with RPG's in terms of the interaction between characters and environment then point and click games.

Avatar image for nuke45

i played the demo. mmhhhh, it seems very interesting and at last a game so strange

Avatar image for commanderPOWER


Avatar image for Dantefan1

the demo didnt do all that much for me. it's well made and all, it just seems like it has somewhat of a limited market. not all gamers are gonna be into the idea of limpwristedly controlling a movie. yes, the graphics and sound were good, and it does have a nice set of options for how you control what goes on and how you see into the characters' thoughts, but that's taken away by the fact that everything is scripted to some degree, and with so little actual gameplay happening, it just didn't appeal to me.

Avatar image for racing1750

@evansdada I agree, it's nice to play something new.

Avatar image for evansdada

I liked the demo. It was something different. And it did bring back the days of Dragon's Lair and Space ace for me. With a little bit more to it.

Avatar image for Dualmask

I played the demo and I honestly thought the controls were needlessly complicated, and the voice acting felt wooden. It's nice the game is like a movie and everything...it looks real and all that jazz, but that doesn't make it entertaining. Still, it was just the demo and trailers I've seen make the game look more interesting, so I'll give it a rent. I'd like to get the full experience. I definitely won't be buying it because it doesn't seem like a replayable game.

Avatar image for Duffleman

I downloaded the Demo, and it's pretty cool. I don't think it's something I'd play more than once, so I figured I'd give it a rental to try out first. Thing is, my PS3 broke last night, one week after my 360 broke and had to buy a new one. So I can't afford to replace it just yet. Looks like I'll have to wait for a pay rise or something before playing this. The console Gods are against me.

Avatar image for jonny500

Wow, a lot of gushing praise here. I must say that I enjoyed the demo and I am looking forward to discovering the story, but I think that all the cries of 'innovation' and 'originality' and 'bravery' are a bit much. This stuff was everywhere in the 90s; Movies that you could interact with a bit. I personally loved them, but they got attacked at the time by 'gamers' for not being 'proper games'. I think it's very interesting that now this is seen as some kind of gaming revolution. After Dragon's Lair, as essentially one long QTE, games like Phantasmagoria, Night Trap, Sewer Shark et al tried to introduce new gimmicks to provide the illusion that you had control. Something between you and the movie that you could interface with, but in the end it boiled down to the same thing; a movie with branching plotlines and possibilities depending on your performance and/or decisions. Like I say, I'm not attacking it. I'm actually looking forward to it, but I just wanted to balance out some of the reverence here.

Avatar image for JustWiicredible

Actually cancelled my pre order for Heavy rain after playing this. I know this might be difficult for many to hear but i didn't like it. It felt like i was playing a point and click adventure with admittely very good graphics. The control system for walking was just plain bad what with the RE1 tank controls i was always walking into desks and such which really took me out of the game world.

Avatar image for julgamespot1

LOVE the atmosphere of the game. Very engrossing. After playing the demo i'd say those calling it, "a game simply made up of quicktime events" were sorely wrong. It's much deeper and more interactive than that. Hopefull the game sells well so we can see more games in the series and more successful games of this type. Can't wait for the 23rd... :)

Avatar image for Bashers79

@Zerosumgame That's your choice, but you didn't need to broadcast it. If your aim was to up-set people who are genuinely interested and excited by this game, then may be you should find something better to do. Downloading a movie at the moment, but as soon as that's finished I'm gona get this demo. Everyone whose played it, liked it and they all can't be wrong.

Avatar image for shani_boy101

this demo was awesome.

Avatar image for To_Ashes

Played the demo during the 7 Days thing and got the demo before it hit PSN... Quite possibly no other game will come as close to what this brings into originality then this. This Years most Innovative game! Quantic Dream, love you guys. -Pre-Ordered-

Avatar image for BeaT_WavE

OMG! Amazing... Played it about 5 times yesterday... and picked the different options in the conversations... and... yeah, it does shape up the story... can't wait for the game to come out!

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

my goodness, the demo is simply staggering(!) This has now replaced my planned must-have purchase for the end of the month... was going to get BioShock 2, but not any more. This is really going to be an amazing game - bring on the release date please!!

Avatar image for madSomnambulist

This is nirvana for me and what I've been waiting ages for-- 'M'-rated meaning "realistic adult content" and not just as a laundry list of mostly pointless content or shock value insertions. The ESRB marks are just a sad checklist here and the game drastically blows it away as obsolete-- games should be allowed to emulate real life situations as much as they want to and not be restricted by script or censors. I can only pray this starts to balance tolerance for blood and language in the US with sex and other previously taboo issues. I'm floored by how bold even the demo is. Just, wow. A handful of forums are screaming "GotY!" in advance, and even though that's absurd to say in February I will say it'll be damn hard for any game to make such a significant impression on me or change what's considered possible in a game.

Avatar image for xxsuperbananaxx

@samsterzemaster It's because of the violence in Modern Warfare 2. The U.S. allows more violence than a lot of other countries do but when it comes to nudity and things like that the U.S. is pretty strict on it. However other countries are the exact opposite. They don't mind nudity and adult content, but they despise violence. Therefore violent war games get an older , more mature rating than a game with nudity and adult content.

Avatar image for GDCalibur

Wasn't a 100% sure I was going to buy this game, but after playing the demo, I definitely will. The game was a nice change of pace from everything else that's out there. Can't wait to play the game now.

Avatar image for tehepicpwnzor

@xYamatox: ONCE AGAIN, I couldn't care less about language and violence. I plan on buying Bad Company 2 on day one. I don't care about flirting and innuendo either, the romance in Uncharted 2 helped move the story along. Just trying to set the record straight. And you know, all you guys are dissing me, and saying it's an insane story. IT ISN'T EVEN OUT YET.

Avatar image for akiwak

Wow I knew this game was going to be different but I didn't know it was going to be this good. I like the positive feed back I've seen about it too. This game is probably not for everyone and a select few want us to believe like them. As an adult my tastes have changed; I can now try different food(healthy food), I watch indie movies that really make you think, AND NOW THIS GAME lets me participate and be a part of it's story as oppose to just watching it.

Avatar image for volume_three

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Avatar image for Yarxing

I just finished playing the demo, and I am definitely buying this game!

Avatar image for AnimeNutJill

I played the Heavy Rain demo yesterday and loved it, I even got two of my friends to play it and they agreed. I'm so getting that game. xD

Avatar image for izmickey

@ Zerosumgame Stop trolling. You already stated your opinion that you believe it has sims 3 graphics, once is enough. So sad when a gamer thinks graphics is EVERYTHING.

Avatar image for izmickey

@ tehepicpwnzor If things like this bother you so much why not just stay away from anything that is rated M. There are games out there that are far more violent and such than Heavy Rain.

Avatar image for Zerosumgame

I can't stress it more, I DO NOT WANT THIS GAME, GOD HELP ME!

Avatar image for Franzkill

Already preordered the limited edition at HMV here in the UK. 40 quid is an absolute steal for what looks like the most innovative and thought provoking game of the year, even this early on! Oh and the demo rocked too!

Avatar image for CMakaCreative

I was watching the latest Qore episode and on the Blu-Ray/PS3 monthly release section it shows that Heavy Rain is coming out Feb 16th....which is a week ahead of what has been announced. Is there any truth to this 'cause I always thought it was coming out on the 23rd. Could Sony be messing with us or did they just bump the release date a week early. I hope so.

Avatar image for bowlingotter

Waiting with baited breath for Heavy Rain. I absolutely loved Indigo Prophecy so the idea of Quantic Dream going balls-out on a PS3 release is brain tingling.

Avatar image for Divina_Commedia

@ tehepicpwnzor stuff like that is all over shows like CSI and such. It's not used as something to laugh at it's used to give you a reason to want the protagonists to succeed. It makes you want to hate the Origami Killer.

Avatar image for Infernal69

Heavy Rain Rocks :D

Avatar image for neardark72

Loved the Demo... Just the way they make you investigate on the crime scene is awesome. Looks like your watching a interactive serial killer movie. pre-ordered

Avatar image for racing1750

Just tried the demo, pretty good.