Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls PS4 Release Dates Announced

Heavy Rain not being released physically in North America.


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Quantic Dream has announced the PlayStation 4 remasters of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will be available from March. In a Facebook post the studio laid out its release plans for various regions.

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In Latin America, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection will be available on disc from March 1. Heavy Rain will also become available digitally on PlayStation Network on this day.

In North America, however, Heavy rain is only being released digitally on PSN, where Beyond: Two Souls is already available.

In mainland Europe, both games will be available on disc from March 2, followed by a release in the UK on March 4. Heavy Rain will also become available digitally on PSN on the same days. Beyond: Two Souls is currently already available digitally in these regions.

In Asia, both disc and digital versions will launch on March 2. This does not include Japan, however. The studio has said it will have "more info shortly" on a Japanese launch.

Beyond: Two Souls (2013) and Heavy Rain (2010) were originally released on PS3. For more, check out GameSpot's reviews through the links below.

Quantic Dream is now working on a new PS4 game called Detroit: Become Human.

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