Heat.net Opens 10SIX Beta

Multiplayer matchmaking service opens the doors to those who want to play its upcoming action-strategy game.


Heat.net will release a public beta release of its upcoming massively multiplayer action-strategy game, 10SIX . The company claims that it will be the first game capable of supporting one million players at a time. 10SIX runs 24 hours, and when you're not there, other players can attack and take you down. The solution is to play more often, make sure that your colonies have proper protection or make alliances with those who play when you're not.

Players will not only get to play the game, they'll get to chat with the game's development team from 4 - 9pm PST, Monday through Friday. During these sessions, players can either give suggestions about how to improve the game or just praise the title in development

Potential players can head over to the game's official site and sign up. As an added incentive, those who sign up to play from Tuesday, Nov. 16 to December 3, 1999, will be entered into a contest to win several prizes - including a new Sega Dreamcast.

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