Hearts of Iron IV vows to be "most authentic" WWII RTS

Paradox announces strategy game sequel and all-new fantasy RPG Runemaster; publisher also says it will bring "new and existing franchises" to Xbox One, PS4.

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Today during the Paradox Interactive Convention in Miami, Paradox Interactive announced two new games: strategy sequel Hearts of Iron IV and an all-new fantasy RPG called Runemaster.

Hearts of Iron IV, like its predecessors, is set during World War II. Paradox described the game as the "most authentic real-time simulation of World War II to date." To that end, the game will feature "authentic" historical figures battling on land, sea, and air. Period-accurate armies, vehicles, and weapons will also be included.

As for Runemaster, this all-new fantasy RPG represents a significant departure from Paradox's usual historical strategy offerings. The game is based on Norse mythology and features an open world and procedurally generated terrain.

“Creating an RPG is something new for Paradox Development Studio, and it’s been a dream project we’ve wanted to undertake for a long time now,” Paradox Development Studio manager Johan Andersson said. “We’re always playing RPGs in our spare time and discovering new things we love about them as a game genre; it was only natural that sooner or later we’d have to design our own. Runemaster is the result, and we know our fans will love it.”

Also during the conference today, Paradox revealed that the average user playtime for strategy game Europa Universalis IV is 190 hours (out of over 300,000 copies sold). Finally, the publisher teased that it is planning to release "new and existing franchises" on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

GameSpot has a team on the ground in Miami for the Paradox Interactive Convention. We'll have more content from the show in the time ahead.

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