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Hearthstone's Puzzle Lab Now Live In New Boomsday Project Expansion

New challenges include Board Clear, Lethal, Mirror, and Survival modes.


Hearthstone's latest expansion, The Boomsday Project, released earlier this month, bringing with it 135 new cards, new card types, and keywords to the PC, iOS, and Android game. Now, the expansion's new single-player mode, called The Puzzle Lab, has also gone live, giving players a bunch of special challenges to complete.

The Boomsday Project is all about science and scientist characters, and so the premise of The Puzzle Lab revolves around players helping those scientists and their assistants overcome challenges in their research. There are four different types of challenges, with each of them escalating in difficulty as you play through them. The four challenges are:

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  • Board Clear: Defeat all minions on the battlefield
  • Lethal: Defeat the enemy hero in one turn
  • Mirror: Copy your enemy's board, mirroring the position of minions, attributes, and more
  • Survival: Survive the Hero Power of your opponent
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For a limited time, players who log-in will receive three free The Boomsday Project card packs for free, and you can check out our full gallery to see every new card in the expansion. The story goes that the dastardly Dr. Boom has assembled a team of nine class-based scientists to manage their own wild experiments, to disastrous results. The nine scientists make up the class-specific Legendary cards for this expansion.

The Boomsday Project introduces Legendary spells for the first time, which have big and unique effects. There's another new spell type, Projects, which cause the same effect on both players. The challenge is to best take advantage of these effects (something that proved especially difficult to play-test).

New Omega cards will also be playable throughout a game, but are now being given extra power boosts if played after reaching 10 Mana. Lastly, there's a new Magnetic keyword that allows you to join Mechs together, inheriting their stats, keywords, and special abilities. In other Hearthstone news, read how the game's most problematic game mechanic likely won't be coming back any time soon.

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