Hearthstone's Next Expansion, Festival Of Legends, Is All About The Music

The expansion launching next month will pack music-themed Keywords and mechanics for 145 new cards, alongside a major revamp for Priest.


Hearthstone's next expansion will emerge from the icy cold grip of the Lich King for a more lighthearted affair at a massive Azeroth concert. The Festival of Legends expansion revolves around a music festival being put on by Elite Tauren Chieftain (E.T.C.). The expansion is coming in April and will feature a number of music-themed keywords and mechanics. Plus, Priest is getting a long-awaited overhaul, along with a new class keyword.

Once again, each class will get its own Legendary minion, this time represented as a star musician, along with a Legendary spell to represent that musician's greatest hit. Classes will also get new instrument-themed weapons, some of which feature Deathrattle effects that improve as they're in play. It might be a good time to pack some weapon-destroying cards.

Special Soloist minions will have Battlecry effects that trigger if they're your only minion on the board. Similarly, Harmonic spells will switch between two states while they sit in your hand: harmonic and dissonant. Cards with the new Finale keyword will trigger special bonuses if playing them uses up your remaining mana.

The Priest class will be getting a major overhaul alongside this expansion, with adjustments to the Core set as well. It's also getting a new class keyword, Overheal, which triggers special effects when minions are healed above their max health.

Hearthstone will start setting the stage for the Festival of Legends with a Headliner's Tour event that begins with the 25.6 patch. Logging in will get you a legendary ETC Band Manager card. Plus during the event, you can pick your favorites from one of three concert series to earn rewards with unique quests. When the expansion launches, a Legends Take the Stage event will let you earn free packs.

The Festival of Legends expansion will add 145 new cards in total, and it's available for pre-purchase now. You can get a standard bundle with 60 packs, 2 random Legendaries, and a Hedanis card back, or the Mega Bundle that includes 80 packs, 10 golden packs, two golden Legendaries, Hedanis Priest hero skin, and the card back.

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