Hearthstone's New Journey To Un'Goro Expansion Launches Next Week

135 new cards arrive soon.


Blizzard has finally nailed down a release date for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un'Goro.

Un'Goro launches for all versions of the game on April 6, Blizzard revealed as part of a livestream today (watch a replay below). As announced in February, it introduces 135 new cards to the game, as well as some new mechanics. There's the Adapt keyword, which allows you to choose one of three buffs (from a randomly selected pool of 10) when playing certain cards.

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Potentially more meaningful are Quest cards, which are one-mana cards that provide you with a mission to complete over the course of a match for a big reward. As part of the stream, Blizzard showed off more of Un'Goro's cards, including Open the Waygate, a Quest card that tasks you with playing six spells that didn't start in your deck. Doing so provides you with the five-mana card Time Warp, which allows you to take an additional turn.

Ahead of Un'Goro's release, you can preorder 50 card packs for the discounted price of $50. You'll also receive a bonus in the form of a Fossil card pack.

As of earlier this week, Blizzard is offering Hearthstone players rewards for logging in each day. While it's too late to claim those from the past few days, you can still earn yourself some free gold and cards for doing nothing more than opening the game from now through April 5.

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