Hearthstone's New Expansion Was Teased Months Ago, If You Knew Where To Look

"Dr Boom? Don't take me back to the lab!"


Blizzard has announced the next Hearthstone expansion, titled The Boomsday Project. It stars the infamous character Dr. Boom and a cadre of mad scientist buddies making all kinds of dangerous experiments, promising powerful spells and a reemergence of Mechs. But eagle-eyed fans may have seen it coming, thanks to a clever Easter egg hidden in the last expansion and noticed by several members of the Hearthstone subreddit.

The last expansion, The Witchwood, had a single-player component called Monster Hunt. One of its bosses, a Nightmare Amalgam named Experiment 3C, had some curious dialogue prompts. When the boss was first introduced, Hagatha the Witch--the evil villain of the Witchwood story--pointed out that this particular abomination isn't one of hers. Experiment 3C made several allusions to a lab in the Netherstorm, and when he died, he would claim he finally escaped.

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Most tellingly, if you managed to play Dr. Boom, Experiment 3C would plead with him not to return to the lab. This was an especially tricky Easter egg to find, since it required one specific card used against a specific boss in a game mode in which both were randomized. Now that The Boomsday Project has been revealed, it makes sense that Blizzard was littering clues about the upcoming expansion.

Blizzard has recognized in various interviews that it is constantly at work on expansions, and usually knows about the next two or three at any given time. The company would already have plans settled for The Boomsday Project when Witchwood released. This also means that when Boomsday releases, fans should keep an eye out for clues that could point toward whatever is coming next to the popular card game. Boomsday Project launches on August 7 and adds 135 new cards.

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