Hearthstone's Boomsday Project Bundles Are An Experiment For Blizzard

The science-themed expansion is doing some experiments of its own.


Hearthstone's next expansion, The Boomsday Project is coming on August 7. Pre-order bundles are already available at two different tiers, but fans quickly noticed that these bundles are different than the last edition, The Witchwood. Blizzard chalks it up to experimenting with different bundle types to see which ones resonate the most with players.

For context, most expansions have offered a pre-order price of 50 packs for $50, plus a special card back. The 1-pack-per-dollar ratio is better than the standard bundles that are available year-round. The Witchwood threw in 20 bonus packs, bringing it up to 70 packs for $50.

For The Boomsday Project, the pricing has been split into tiers. The $50 bundle now includes 50 packs again, along with a card back and one randomly selected Golden Legendary card. The $80 option bumps it up to 80 packs, the card back, Golden Legendary, and the alternate hero Mecha-Jaraxxus. Mike Donais indicated the rare card is the trade-off for the extra packs.

"This time, instead of adding 20 more card packs, we added a golden legendary," he told GameSpot. "So we're just mixing it up, trying to do a bunch of different things, see what people are excited about. From there, we'll just learn and keep doing different things."

Engineer Cat Morgan added, "We're always experimenting with ways to get our content to the players."

The trade-off is relatively similar, from a certain point of view. Golden Legendary cards are very rare, usually at around a 0.1% chance of opening one organically. They're also worth 1600 Dust to disenchant, which is enough to craft a free Legendary of your choice if you don't like the card you get. But, 20 packs would give you pretty good chances of opening a standard Legendary card, along with all the other extra pack-filling variety that would come with it, and could even result in the same amount or more dust. So it really depends on how much you value rarity versus variety.

Regardless, Blizzard is paying careful attention to how players react to these bundle prices, and whatever lessons it learns will certainly be considered for future expansions.

To take a look at all the cards and eye which Legendary cards you want to snag, check out our gallery of all the Boomsday Project cards that have been revealed so far.

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