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Hearthstone Titans: Fall of Ulduar Druid Cards Reveal -- Aerosoilizer, Contaminated Lasher, Forbidden Fruit

A trio of cards that help compose the Druid package for the upcoming Fall of Ulduar mini-set.


The new Titans: Fall of Ulduar mini-set for Hearthstone is primed to introduce game-changing effects in the form of Anomalies. But it's also adding dozens of new cards, giving every class some new tools. The new Druid package gives the shapeshifting class some versatile new tools that should fit nicely into current decks.

Two new minions will give Druids the chance to summon tokens and make big plays, albeit in very different ways. Aerosoilizer summons a 2/2 Treant as both its Battlecry and Deathrattle, giving you lots of value in a single sticky minion. Meanwhile the Contaminated Lasher refreshes four Mana crystals as long as you've fulfilled the criteria of casting five spells over the course of the game, giving you good mid- or late-game boost for big plays. Finally, the versatile Forbidden Fruit spell lets you trade all of your Mana for equivalent attack power or two times the armor.

You can see each of the cards, along with the created tokens for Forbidden Fruit, below.

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Hearthstone's most-recent expansion, Titans, introduced the titular Titans characters, powerful minions that each have three unique abilities that can be used in any order. The mini-set expansion to Titans, Fall of Ulduar, will add 38 new cards to the set, as well as randomized Anomaly effects for a limited time in Standard, Wild, and Twist matches.

The new set will also be accompanied by a big update to the newly launched Twist mode, upgrading the Wonders format to "Wonders XL" which will allow you to build decks up to 40 cards with health to match the size of your card pool. The mini-set will be available as a single purchase for $15 or 2000 gold, or you can open Fall of Ulduar cards in regular Titans packs.

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