Hearthstone Reveals More Cards For Witchwood Expansion

A closer look at Hearthstone's spooky forest and the creatures within.


Blizzard has another expansion for Hearthstone on the way, a journey into the haunted forest of the Witchwood. The studio has gone mostly quiet since its debut, but today it kicked off two weeks of planned card reveals with a livestream debuting some of the new set.

The stream revealed 10 cards in all, including two class Legendary cards and the one and only new Hero Card of the expansion. The Hero is a Shaman alternate, Hagatha the Witch. She deals 3 damage to all minions upon entering the field, and then has a passive Hero Power that gives you a random spell for each minion played. This was described as the main character of the expansion, since she's the witch of the woods.

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The other two Legendaries revealed today were the Hunter card Houndmaster Shaw, which gives your other minions Rush, and the Warlock card Glinda Crowskin, which gives Echo to all the minions in your hand as long as she's in play. Those two keywords are also new additions to the expansion. Another kooky new reveal was Nightmare Amalgam, a card that belongs to every tribe in the game, letting it synergize with anything from Pirates to Murlocs to Mechs to Dragons and beyond.

For the next two weeks, cards will be revealed at a regular pace leading up to the expansion's release. You can see the schedule of reveals to follow along. Also during that two-week period, Hearthstone will be granting free packs for completing daily quests, giving you a chance at some of the recent expansions or even Witchwood packs. The dev recently told us its core idea is to make everything feel overpowered.

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