Hearthstone Reaches 30 Million Players

Blizzard's free-to-play game keeps on growing.


Blizzard Entertainment's free-to-play collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has reached a new user milestone. The game has now seen 30 million players, according to a tweet from the game's official Twitter channel on Tuesday.

The user milestone was achieved following two major Hearthstone developments in April: the release of the Blackrock Mountain expansion and the game's arrival for phones.

Being a free-to-play game, Blizzard doesn't make money from installs alone. Importantly, the company did not specify how many of those 30 million players have actually spent any money on the game. But Blizzard is no doubt happy that Hearthtone, which reached 20 million players in September, continues to grow.

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Activision Blizzard will report earnings for its latest financial period tomorrow, May 6, when the company is expected to talk more about Hearthstone's business performance. Ahead of the earnings report, industry analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen & Company writes in a note to investors that Hearthstone has been a significant money-maker for Activision Blizzard.

Citing App Annie data, Creutz writes that Hearthstone has regularly found itself near the front of the top-grossing charts on iTunes and Google Play. The game is also performing well on PC, he said, noting that Hearthstone has driven an estimate $250 million in revenue across all platforms in the past year.

"The game's recent performance is being buoyed by the release of the Blackrock Mountain expansion pack, which began rolling out content in early April," he said. "Additionally, we do not know to what extent the smartphone spending is incremental to or cannibalizing the existing PC/tablet base. Still, we view the performance as a very positive indicator for the trajectory of the game."

For more on Hearthstone, check out all 31 cards featured in the new Blackrock Mountain expansion.

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Avatar image for dragosbuzz

Well i never played any card games before. i don't really like them, but man this game is addictive. i have spent so many hours. As for the the pay to win thing some people say, yeah sure more money = better cards. but i haven't spent any and still doing good. almost got legend too. you must have patience. The one thing i'd like to mention though is how difficult the game has become for newcomers since the release of Naxx and GVG. I think blizzard should do something about this. Besides that, hearthstone is a great game

Avatar image for Wesleypipes77

Hearthstone f@#king sucks, and so do 30 million people

Avatar image for gandospot

Congrats Blizzard m glad HearthStone is evolving on mobile and tablets.

Avatar image for InYourMouf

I guess I should feel fortunate that this game has been unable to grab me. Tried playing it twice on my Android. Just not feeling it.

Avatar image for jinzo9988

I find the card game itself to be incredibly dry and uninteresting. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot to it. I hope eventually the game will get interesting through different types of cards and new effects. If you judged Yu-Gi-Oh solely on the Blue Eyes White Dragon pack (the first one), it would suffer from exactly the same issue... and now of course they've overcomplicated it so much that it's completely nonsensical, but there was a sweet spot where everything was clicking and coming up with card combos was fun.

Avatar image for drysprocket

I regret every moment that I've ever spent playing this game...I still play it daily, but it's out of pure spite and hate. There has never been a more unbalanced game ever made. I spit my last breath at thee.

Avatar image for Prostakma

@drysprocket: I regret as well... can't go to sleep until I get at least 9 wins in arena :(

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

I haven't paid them a dime.

Avatar image for supremeultra

Coolest game ever.

World of Warcraft is the most played PC game of all time for sure and this is free to play, so why wouldn't you be playing it?

Avatar image for 30somethingamer

I can tell, I always seem to play super deck players. I know it's been out a while and I just recently started playing. Never played a card game before, well... other than poker and I was hooked. Now, I just lose so much due to a subpar deck it's hard to keep playing.

Avatar image for syntaxkt

It's interesting because I actually had a hugely negative reaction to the announcement to this game when it was first announced because I didn't like the idea of a blizzard f2p card fighting game. Now I play it everyday. This is a HUGE contrast to HOTS, which I was looking forward to since the announcement and bought into the beta. 3 weeks after playing that game nonstop I decided that could care less about those types of games and hope blizzard puts more focus on games that don't create so much toxicity.

Avatar image for javalino

its more than dota 2 for sure !!!! but an advise! stay away from this game !! it will rob your wallet! its pay to win for sure !!! because right now , there is no way you can win without spending money !!

Avatar image for Damascuss

How many of that 30m is concurrent? I'd wager 2m active players, which isn't bad.

Hearthstone wasn't for me, I found it pretty boring. I'll stick to MTG.

Avatar image for weterthanozarka

@Damascuss: Gamers seem to find it interesting. Hearthstone is always top 3-5 games being watched on Twitch at all times...but that's non of my business. *sips tea*

Avatar image for Damascuss

@weterthanozarka@Damascuss: It's almost like there are a bunch of people who would rather watch video games then play them.

Thanks for the irrelevant input.

Avatar image for digitaldame

@Damascuss: But... But... MTGO is so bad.

Avatar image for Damascuss

@DigitalDame@Damascuss: Well it's a good thing I said nothing about MTGO.

Avatar image for supremeultra


30 million playing whenever.

Everyone knows 80% of people on Steam buy games and never play them.

Avatar image for Damascuss

@supremeultra@Damascuss: It says 30m have played hearthstone, not that 30m continue to do so.

Avatar image for Vexov

I only see about 1/10th of my list playing hearthstone, and its uncommon to see them playing it. IMO, its too pay walled to fully enjoy.

- You pay for a digital cards... which you can't trade?. (yes, paying for cards would make sense if you could trade them).

- Those expansion packs.. dungeons. You gotta buy, cause i believe they have cards only unlocked from there. (pay2win)

- A very uphill battle for F2P. You take a big hit to your win/lose ratio as you battle people who paid, or played much longer. (pay walled)

- One of the funnest modes has a cost to play. (pay walled or pay2play..)

The game really should have just had a purchase price for like $30, and no micro bs. Expansions could have also then been sold, like $15-20. I want to say they would have made as much money as they milked off of all the suckers, but they probably made $150++++ off any paying player (and paying is really the only way .. unless you suffer and/or cripple you other possible decks).

Wonder what amazing bs Overwatch will have to milk money.

Avatar image for Kh1ndjal

@Vexov: expansions can be bought with gold, although admittedly a LOT of gold.

it feels quite pay2win, but on mobile, where games are either complete trash or pay2win trash, hearthstone is better.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Vexov: Yeah the monetary aspects are scamorama, which is why I'd never pay them any real money.

Untradeable cards in a CCG?

Unable to help a new player/friend by giving them your extra cards?

Laughable prices for the solo adventures?

Avatar image for chippiez

Good lord... now Blizz will just keep releasing virtual cards instead of real games because Kotick is going to see this as easy money. FML.. RIP Blizz. We hardly knew ya.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@chippiez: Blizzard hasn't cared about making games since they released WoW.

Avatar image for thegod

@chippiez: Blizz hasn't cared about their games for years now, so it really doesn't matter. Blizz died and is now undead just getting mindless chumps to give them money for branding like Square Enix does with Final Fantasy.

Avatar image for blackothh

I wish their tablet version was not such a resource hog, its quite trying on my nexus 7. Otherwise its a perfect tablet game, so I play scrolls instead on the tablet.

Its also interesting that I bought a lot of booster boxes of magic when I was younger, but I cant even come close to let myself buy a pack of digital CCG cards.

Avatar image for Milennin

@blackothh: I prefer digital cards because they don't take up space, don't get damaged, are much easier to organise and can even earn them free by playing.

Avatar image for etremelegendary

That's more than Steam.

Avatar image for Damascuss

@etremelegendary: No it's not. Steam topped 75m last years. And currently there are 8m users online right now.

Avatar image for killerious

amazing game!

Avatar image for TheExxorcist

It is fun... add me any time


Avatar image for crmsnraider

@killerious: hehe, glad someone likes it. Hard to find something more boring. Super Hero Squad Online has a way more fun card based fighting game.