Hearthstone Patch Points to "Blackrock Mountain" Adventure

Ahead of Blizzard announcement at PAX East, fans find cryptic data in latest game build.


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A new Hearthstone patch appears to include hints regarding the game's next major expansion.

Data found within the update, now live, points to three new card backs; one named as "Molten Core", another named after the feared legendary Ragnaros, and one called the Golden Celebration.

Every month, Blizzard adds a new card back to Hearthstone, and in this case it appears that Ragnaros will be the latest design. However, the internal developer notes attached to the other card backs appear to hint at the rumoured next adventure mode.

According to a decryption of the patch data, undertaken by Hearthhead, the Molten Core card back is fixed with a developer note which reads “purchase brm presale".


Fans analysing this believe it's a reference to Blackrock Mountain, a zone on World of Warcraft, which is suspected to be the setting for the new adventure mode. Blizzard has yet to comment on this, but PCGamer notes that Blizzard will make a "PAX East announcement next Friday".

Hearthstone's previous adventure mode, The Curse of Naxxramas, was also based on a zone in World of Warcraft.

A previous, unconfirmed rumour suggested that the next Hearthstone expansion is due to ship in April. It should be noted that some of the details coming from this rumour have already proven to be false.

One of the game's key developers, Ben Brode, recently told GameSpot that adding a new adventure mode was a case of correct timing.

"Our goal going forwards is to figure out the right pace of adding in more expansions and adventures," he said.

"We have to time it so that players are ready for a new batch of cards. We're not going to go in too fast either."

The third card back, called the "Golden Celebration", is likely to be a reward marking the one-year anniversary of the game. Hearthstone officially launched on March 11 last year.

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