Hearthstone's Next Expansion, Murder At Castle Nathria, Coming August 2

A new Hearthstone expansion is a murder mystery with Legendary suspects and at the center, Murloc Holmes. Yes, really.


The next Hearthstone expansion is a murder mystery set in a location from World of Warcraft's latest expansion. Murder at Castle Nathria, based on the raid from Shadowlands, is coming on August 2. The set revolves around the death of Sire Denathrius, who was murdered at his own dinner party.

As always, this expansion will introduce a number of new mechanics and keywords. For the first time Hearthstone will get Location cards, giving you an advantageous boost while they're on the board, but needing a one-turn cooldown between uses. Blizzard says Locations will be a new permanent addition to Hearthstone, similar to Minions, Spells, Weapons, and Heroes.

Meanwhile, a new Infuse keyword will transform cards in your hand when minions die, turning into more powerful effects and even getting new artwork once they've become fully infused.

At the center of the murder mystery are 10 Legendary suspects, one belonging to each Hearthstone class, all with their own motives to have committed the murder most foul. And the super sleuth trying to solve this mystery is none other than Murloc Holmes, a fish-man with a magnifying glass. All players who login will be awarded with the Legendary card Prince Renathal, who gives your hero 10 more health and adds 10 more cards to your deck.

You can check out all the cards revealed in today's announcement below.

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