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Hearthstone MMO, Absurd WoW Patch Notes Among Blizzard's April Fool's Jokes

You can also race along a track as Nova on a hover bike while attempting to avoid enemies.


Blizzard is never one to sit out April Fool's day, and this year brings with it several new jokes for 2016.

The video above represents the Hearthstone joke--a trailer for Hearthstone: The MMO. Hearthstone is, of course, a card game based on the Warcraft series, the most entry in which is MMO World of Warcraft.

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WoW, too, is the subject of another April Fool's joke. This one comes in the form of fake patch notes for the alpha test of Legion, the upcoming, not-a-joke expansion pack. With the massively multiplayer game being deemed "simply too massive," Blizzard teases that it'll be making buildings and foliage 25 percent smaller, while also allowing players to communicate through emojis. Tying into the Hearthstone MMO joke, the notes also say this patch introduces content from Hearthstone, such as characters (Sylvanas, Anduin) and spells (Fireball, Eviscerate) that originated in Warcraft.

For StarCraft, Blizzard created a browser game called Maximum Novadrive where you race along a track as Nova on a Vulture bike, avoiding other vehicles and air strikes. You can play it here.

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Diablo, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch, at least as of yet, don't seem to have gotten any official April Fool's jokes.

[Update] Diablo jokes have arrived in the form of various physical items that you can supposedly now order. These include Hammer Pajammers (a reference to the Legendary item in Diablo III called Hammer Jammers) and a Tyrael-penned cookbook. [End update]

For more game-related April Fool's pranks, check out our roundup of some of the best.

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