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Hearthstone Expansion Blackrock Mountain Revealed

Plus, Blizzard showcases first images of iPhone and Android phone editions.

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Blizzard has confirmed its latest Hearthstone expansion will be BlackRock Mountain, a weekly series of adventures that will be structured similarly to the Naxxramas update.

Lead designer Eric Dodds made the announcement on Friday during a PAX East keynote. He confirmed that each week a new wing will unlock, with heroic bosses, class challenges, and new cards rewarded for completion.

The expansion is due to arrive in April.

Specifically, the adventure will offer seventeen bosses, split across five wings. Some 31 new cards will be added across the adventure.

The Blackrock board - Click on the thumbnails below to view the first five minions
The Blackrock board - Click on the thumbnails below to view the first five minions

Like with Naxxramas, the price structure of Blackrock allows players to unlock the adventure with accrued in-game currency or with real cash. Each wing can be purchased for 700 gold or $6.99.

Two new class-specific cards shown appear to be counteracting rush decks. Dodds also said there would be more synergy with dragons, which have in recent weeks fallen out of favour in the meta.

Meanwhile, Dodds also revealed that the iPhone and Android phone edition is expected to arrive in a matter of months. The first ever images of this mobile edition can be found below.

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