Hearthstone Details Witchwood's Single-Player Monster Hunt Mode

We're going on a monster hunt, what a beautiful day.

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Now Playing: Hearthstone's Witchwood Expansion Changes Dungeon Run With It's New Monster Hunt Mode

Hearthstone's latest expansion, The Witchwood, was released last week. A little piece of it was held for after launch, though, and Blizzard is beginning to open up about it. The single-player portion of the expansion is coming next Thursday at 10 AM PT. The new Monster Hunt mode will be similar to Dungeon Run from Kobolds & Catacombs, with a few significant differences.

Rather than your regular Hearthstone classes, Monster Hunts will be undertaken as one of four characters with their own unique hero power. Tess Greymane is a Rogue-type with Scavenge, which lets you Discover a class spell that has been cast during the game. Darius Crowley has a cannon that fires at enemies positioned directly across from it, and if it kills them, it refreshes and can be used again. The other two are Houndmaster Shaw and Toki the Time-Tinker, but Blizzard didn't reveal their powers yet. Similarly, there are new treasure cards as well as some returning from Dungeon Run.

The Monster Hunt will also introduce 45 new boss characters, each with their own unique powers and dialogue. The big new addition comes in the Nemesis characters, unique bosses that match up with the four playable characters. The final boss, Hagatha the Witch, will unlock after each Nemesis has been defeated. Blizzard teased that it will take all four heroes together to beat her, but it stayed mum on what exactly that means.

Presumably defeating Hagatha and completing Monster Hunt will unlock some special reward. Finishing Dungeon Run with all nine classes unlocked a special card back, for example.

If you haven't tried The Witchwood yet, Hearthstone is still offering three packs and a class Legendary for logging in during the launch event. You can check out all 135 Witchwood cards to start formulating your strategies, and read up on why this expansion may be the best time to get on-board.

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I'm pretty sure they've said that Toki's hero power lets you reset your turn. The example they gave was if your arcane missiles had bad rng so you reset and try that spell again.