Hearthstone Card Nerfs Make Significant Changes to Classic Cards

Basic and Classic Hearthstone cards have been nerfed as part of the Year of the Kraken.


Hearthstone's next expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, is out next week, but it's only one part of what will arrive with Patch 5.0. April 26 ushers in the new patch, which kicks off the Year of the Kraken and nerfs many Basic and Classic cards that could upend some players' current decks.

Blizzard announced the news in a press release, which detailed what cards would be changing and how. The developer said when working on the changes, it had a simple rule: "[N]ew card releases should have an impact on Standard and enrich Wild to make sure that Hearthstone is always as dynamic, fresh, and fun as it can be."

Three Druid cards have been changed, including Ancient of Lore. The card used to give the player a chance to draw two cards, but it's been changed to one in order for non-Druid players to feel like they can compete with it. Force of Nature's mana cost and Charge are lowered and removed respectively, and the one-turn combo of Force of Nature and Savage Roar has also been taken away. Keeper of the Grove has seen a stat nerf that brings its health down from four to two.

Silence and removal-based cards Ironbeak Owl and Big Game Hunter have seen changes as well. Ironbeak Owl and Big Game Hunter now cost more mana. Hunter and Rogue players also see the cost of certain spells increased, as Hunter's Mark now costs one mana, while Blade Flurry costs four and will only affect minions.

Knife Juggler and Leper Gnome have had their attack power nerfed, with Juggler going from three to two and Leper Gnome dropping from two to one. Arcane Golem's charge has been removed, while its health has been increased. Molten Giant's mana has been raised to 25 in order to increase the risk you have to take lower its cost to zero. Finally, Master of Disguise will no longer grant another minion permanent Stealth; instead, it'll only have Stealth until the next turn.

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The card changes come with Patch 5.0, the Year of the Kraken, and Whispers of the Old Gods on April 26. Every card that's been revealed for the upcoming expansion can be seen right here.

You can take a look at all of the card changes in the list below:

Druid Cards

Ancient of Lore -- Reduced the number of cards drawn from 2 to 1

Force of Nature -- Lowered mana cost to 1, removes Charge and makes summoned Treants permanent

Keeper of the Grove -- Stats have been changed from 2 attack/4 health to 2/2

Silence & Removal

Ironbeak Owl -- Increased mana cost from 2 to 3

Big Game Hunter -- Increased mana cost from 3 to 5

Hunter's Mark -- Increased mana cost from 0 to 1

Blade Flurry -- Increased mana cost from 2 to 4, will now only affect minions

Powerful Neutral Minions

Knife Juggler -- Reduced attack from 3 to 2

Leper Gnome -- Reduced attack from 2 to 1

Arcane Golem -- Removed Charge, will now cost 3 mana with 4 attack/4 health

Molten Giant -- Increased mana cost to 25

Master of Disguise -- Will now only grant Stealth until next turn

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