Hearthstone Battlegrounds Descent Of Dragons Is Out Now

Here, there be dragons.


Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch 16.4 brings the biggest beasts of them all to the game: Dragons. Dragon minions and heroes are being added into the battleground with the all new Descent of Dragons card pack.

This new pack brings 18 new minions to the fold, with 12 of these minions falling into the new Dragon minion type. Galakrong, and Reno Jackson (or Renegos) will be available as Heroes alongside the five original Dragon Aspects.

You can get a free Descent of Dragons card pack on Twitch from February 26 at 11 AM PT to February 29 at 5 PM PT, after watching three hours of any Hearthstone stream. Watch for 6 hours to get a second pack. These hours can be non-consecutive in case you don’t have 9 hours to just watch streams online.

There were also a number of balance changes and bug fixes implemented in the patch. The full details can be found on the official Hearthstone blog.

For a complete look into the new Descent of Dragons deck check out our full coverage, as well as the Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft page for all the latest news.

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