Hearthstone: All 135 Hearthstone Witchwood Expansion Cards

Your suffering will be... legendary.


Hearthstone's latest expansion, The Witchwood, is now available, and it of course brings new cards to add to your deck. This latest addition to the digital card game brought 135 cards in all, complete with some new twists. It all centers around a spooky haunted forest theme with creepy new features and keywords.

Rush, one of the new keywords, is similar to the existing Charge mechanic but restricted only to attacking minions on the turn they are first played. The other is Echo, which lets you play the same card multiple times in a turn as long as you have the mana to pay for it. Other mechanics add flavor without their own devoted keyword. Worgen characters swap attack and health (and visual art) every turn they're in your hand. Finally, some of the new cards have special effects if you build a deck only out of even- or odd-costed cards.

If you'd like to jump aboard, you still have a few hours to claim some free packs for completing daily quests. Once the expansion launches, you can log in and claim three free packs and a free class legendary. You can read our chat with game director Ben Brode for more insights on the expansion and why this may be the best time for newcomers to join.

Check out the full list of expansion cards below, organized by class.











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