HBO's Last Week Tonight Is Sponsoring A Marble Racing League

There's one sport completely safe during the pandemic, marble racing.


While live sports are on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is one sport returning this June that was highlighted on HBO's Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. And that's marble racing. On the May 17 episode, Oliver highlighted the YouTube sensation and made an exciting announcement for June.

Last Week Tonight will be sponsoring Jelle's Marble Runs for the upcoming season. The YouTube channel features nothing but marble racing, and they are surprisingly entertaining. Below, you'll find the announcement from the tail end of the episode, which covered the return to live sporting events during the pandemic.

Along with sponsoring this year's marble-racing season, Oliver announced that the winner or each event will have $5,000 donated to a food bank in their name. Additionally, the overall season winner will get a $20,000 donation in their team's name to the International Rescue Committee--a group that aids people going through crisis, around the world.

The next season of Jelle's Marble Runs will return on June 21, 2020. And if you're interested in learning more about marble racing, you can watch all of the Season 1 races from Jelle's Marble Runs on YouTube.

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