HBO's Standalone Streaming Service Launching Next Month for Apple Devices and PC

Watch Game of Thrones without a cable subscription starting next month, provided you have an Apple device.


During an Apple media event on Monday, the technology giant announced a partnership with premium cable company HBO to launch their standalone streaming service--HBO Now--for Apple devices and PC (that means it'll work in web browsers, but app functionality is limited to Apple). It could come to game consoles later on, but this is not confirmed.

Image credit: CNET
Image credit: CNET

The service, first announced last year, will be available for $15/month starting in April. You'll be able to watch on iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, as well as

According to CNN's Brian Stelter, Apple's deal with HBO gives it a three-month exclusivity window. Other distributors, such as Comcast and Verizon, will later be able to sell it.

Officially, HBO says in a press release: "HBO continues to be in discussions with its existing network of distributors and new digital partners to offer HBO NOW."

The appeal of HBO Now is that you'll no longer need to pay for a pricey cable subscription to watch the network's entire suit of programming, including Game of Thrones and Last Night Tonight, among others.

"All you need to get HBO Now is a broadband connection and an Apple device," HBO CEO Richard Plepler said during the event today.

Also during the event today, Apple announced a price drop for Apple TV. It will now sell for $70 instead of $100.

For more on today's Apple-HBO news, be sure to read GameSpot sister site CNET's full coverage. Apple also announced a new, lighter Macbook model today during the event. The show is ongoing, so be sure to check back soon for even more news.

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