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HBO Reveals Game Of Thrones Anniversary Curated Marathons

For the fantasy show's 10th anniversary, hardcore fans alike can experience the show in new ways.


As part of Game of Thrones's 10-year anniversary this month, HBO has announced details for MaraThrone, its recently announced curated binge-watching marathon. The newly posted site offers six different playlists of episodes--or "routes"--that allows fans to relive the series all over again by hopscotching through all eight seasons with a focus on particular characters, kingdoms, or relationships.

It's worth noting that while there are technically six "routes," the first one literally recommends fans watch each season consecutively from start to finish. For the others, HBO has made eye-catching print-outs you can use as a map when navigating on the app on your preferred devices and watching environments. HBO's site is indicating that starting April 10, these playlists may be available in-app.

HBO has also indicated further announcements to commemorate the Iron Anniversary will be coming throughout the month. Earlier this week, the network cut together and released a trailer revisiting its polarizing final season, which aired back in 2019. Unsurprisingly, the clip has re-opened some wounds--and also put fuel on the fire for a renewed demand that HBO remake the final season. You can check out the clip below.

Meanwhile, while the original series is celebrating its run on HBO, there's still plenty of life in the GoT franchise. House of the Dragon, the franchise's next iteration, is expected to begin production this year. Furthermore, Creator George R. R. Martin, recently announced he's working on a Broadway version of his fantasy epic that will "tell the whole story."

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