HBO Max Won't Remove Woody Allen Movies

Despite HBO's new documentary Allen v. Farrow about the director's alleged sexual abuse, his films on its streaming platform are staying put.


HBO Max has indicated that it has no plans to remove the six Woody Allen's films in its library despite HBO also recently premiering the documentary series Allen v. Farrow, which explores allegations of sexual abuse against the director. In a statement released to The Wrap, HBO explained "these titles will remain available in the library to allow viewers to make their own informed decisions."

If viewers are indeed keeping their minds open about the well-publicized alleged sexual abuse of Dylan Farrow from adopted father Allen, they will need to pace themselves. The four-part series, which aired its first episode on Sunday, has three more installations and weeks to go. Allen did not participate in the documentary, which has been criticized for being "one-sided" by The Times and other publications.

But in a recent Variety interview, directors Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick discuss the first episode and the overall arc ahead. As Ziering puts it, "There's so much more here that none of us know about. And how is it that none of us knew about it?" Among the many interesting insights into the production the interview offers, Ziering also explains why Ronan Farrow--Dylan's brother, and also a journalist with a track record of investigating sexual assault--didn't have input in the film's reporting.

While not prominently advertised or displayed on the HBO Max app as of this writing, Allen's films Scoop, Broadway Danny Rose, Shadows and Fog, Radio Days, Another Woman, September are still available to stream.

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