HBO Max Teams Up With Snapchat To Let You Watch Its Shows With Dozens Of People For Free

Pilot episodes for HBO shows are now available on Snapchat for free.


HBO Max is teaming up with Snapchat for a partnership that allows users in the US to watch episodes of popular shows like Game of Thrones, Euphoria, and The Flight Attendant at no cost.

Snapchat users in the US can now use the Snap Minis feature to watch HBO Max content with their friends at the same time. The new HBO Max Mini from inside the Snapchat app does not require any additional install, and it's available across iOS and Android.

HBO Max comes to Snapchat
HBO Max comes to Snapchat

HBO Max said in a press release that Snapchat users will find "age-appropriate" episodes based on the age they've entered in the app. When viewing an episode of an HBO show, users can watch together and share Bitmoji reactions.

HBO Max boss Sarah Lyons said in a statement, "We believe humans value recommendations that come from other humans, so having the opportunity for friends to suggest, and then subsequently watch content together paves the way for more meaningful discovery."

In terms of the content that's available, it includes pilot episodes for numerous shows, including Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Lovecraft Country, and The Flight Attendant. All of them are the pilot episodes, except in the case of Betty, which is Episode 1 of Season 2. Additionally, HBO said the offerings of HBO content on Snapchat will be refreshed "on an ongoing basis."

Here are the shows available right now:

  1. Craftopia
  2. Euphoria
  3. The Flight Attendant
  4. Game of Thrones
  5. Genera+ion
  6. Gossip Girl (2021)
  7. Looney Tunes
  8. Love Life
  9. Lovecraft Country
  10. Selena + Chef
  11. Titans
  12. Warrior
  13. World of Calm
  14. Betty - (Season 2, Episode 1)

You can have up to 63 other Snapchat users watching a show at the same time, and invitations can be sent through in-app messages or through a sticker link. Playback of the episode in question is synchronized, so everyone will be at the same place.

At the end of each episode, the app will present a link that takes you to HBO Max to subscribe the service if you want.

In other news, Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James and Looney Tunes is now streaming on HBO Max (but not on Snapchat). It's also in theaters where it is doing very well, outpacing even Marvel's Black Widow at the box office.

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