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HBO Max Is Working To Fix HBO Max App

An upgraded version will finally be rolling out by the end of the year on most platforms.


There's finally some good news in store for HBO Max subscribers--according to Vulture, the execs behind the platform are aware of the app's unpredictable instability, and are reportedly getting ready to do something about addressing it. An unnamed WarnerMedia exec has gone on record, promising that an entirely new app is coming.

"We're going to replace every single connected TV app in the next four or five months," said the exec. The upgraded app has been in development since late last year, and is expected to roll out to Roku and PlayStation users first (though no timeline was disclosed), with AppleTV coming before the end of 2021, while mobile and web-based apps are being slated for "early 2022."

The same exec quoted above also promised it "will be wildly better than what's out there" and "just work better across the board." Of course, easier said than done--the real proof will be once customers have the app installed and use it at their leisure to pressure-test and watch content as they would normally. HBO Max has apparently blamed the recurring issues on complications from the ad-supported tier, distributing programming to non-English speaking markets, and that HBO Max was running on a retrofitted version of the old HBO Go and HBO Now services.

While bugs and tech hiccups are increasingly part of the streaming landscape, HBO Max has far and away been the one plagued with the most problems. It's easy to, as this exec has done, promise a "sophisticated and cool and sexier" interface and user experience--at this point, all customers really want is to watch HBO Max, and not know whether the app will crash repeatedly.

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